Melrose Signature Box

Melrose Signature Box


18 fresh red or pink roses carefully arranged in a in a chic hat box.

* Red is out of stock, and we have only 1 Pink box left *

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Here is How it Works

All orders come with 18 stems of you choice of red or pink roses.  Order before February 5 and you will also receive a box of Mayana chocolates with your purchase. 

If you choose to have your flowers delivered, then all deliveries will be made Wednesday February 14th, 2018 between 11am-6pm. We will do our best to give you an estimated time of arrival, but our drivers choose the best and most efficient route to keep your flowers fresh.  If you choose to pick up your flowers from our studio, then you may pick them up on February 14th between 1-6pm.

We will no longer be taking delivery orders after 11am on February 14th, however we will be at the studio.  Come on in and pick up your blooms or see what else we have available.