Exfoliating Cleansing Powder | Mullein and Sparrow

Exfoliating Cleansing Powder | Mullein and Sparrow

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An Ayurvedic blend of finely milled nutritive powders gently lift impurities and dead skin cells without any harsh preservatives or additives to reveal softer and more even skin.  Radiance-boosting sandalwood and orange peel powders naturally brighten and improve skin tone while turmeric and oat flour soothe and calm.  High-grade walnut shell powder provides the perfect amount of grit for a gentle but effective exfoliation.  Naturally pink in hue and scented with the pure essential oils of sandalwood and rose, this Cleansing Powder is as beautiful to use as it is beautifying for your skin.  

Mix a small amount with water and apply to face using gentle, circular motions and rinse clean. Follow with one of our Face Mist Toners and one of our Facial Serums. 

Natural and safe for additional use on dry, chapped lips as an effective lip exfoliant.

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