Let's talk Color Inspiration!

Flowers are always changing. When we visit the flower markets we're always on the lookout for healthiest, funnest, most bodacious blossoms we can. Which means we're always working with different varietals, tones, and compositions.

So to bring you the most fun options we can we anchor our compositions in a color inspiration. :)

When you select an arrangement you'll get to pick out one of the three inspirations below in addition to an occasion. Both help us to guide the composition of the arrangement to say exactly what you're feeling.

Dark & Edgy.png

Dark & Edgy

color inspiration

Neutral & Delicate.png

Neutral & Delicate

color inspiration

Bright & Ornate.png

Bright & Ornate

color inspiration

Let's talk Sizes!

Stem counts can be tricky. The pictures below showcase examples of arrangement and vase sizes. Every arrangement is built utilizing focal flowers, complementary flowers, and greenery all designed with consideration of spatial composition. 


Small Gift Blooms + wrapped

12 stems, wrapped in craft paper.

Small Vase

Small Gift Blooms + Vase

12 stems in a delightful matched vase

Medium Vase

Medium Gift Blooms

20 stems in a delightful matched vase

Large Gift Blooms

28 stems in a statement vase.


If you have questions about sizes, colors, floral or gift products, or delivery options give us a call!

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