5 Questions to Ask Your Floral Designer

Jumping into wedding planning can be daunting and a couple may speak to 2-3 florists before deciding on the one that is right for them.  It is important to be as efficient as possible and know the right questions to ask.  Here are 5 questions to ask your florist before hiring them.

Can you describe your design style?

Just like any other line of creative work, each designer will have a preferred style that they will will gravitate toward.  It is important to know if the designer is going to capture your vision for the flowers.  It is important to know what they enjoy creating, because that is when the floral decor really comes to life.

Is working with my budget feasible?

Be upfront about your budget right away.  It is important to come up with a number that you will feel comfortable spending.  Whether you are working with a small or large budget there are always options.

Will you be working on my flowers or contracting it out?

It is important to meet the lead designer you will be working with for your flowers. A lot of details are needed to create the perfect decor and you don’t want some of that being lost or forgotten.

Should I provide my own vases?

Some brides consider this option if they are working with a tight budget or wanting to use special pieces, such as family heirlooms. Just make sure that they can hold water and flowers without damage before the big day. It may may turn out to be easier and more economical to use vases from you florist if you are worried about damaging your own.

Should I do some of the flowers myself?

Some florist will have policies against using your own flowers with the decor to  hinder any potential liability.  Plus, you run the risk of the flowers not matching or missing out on time with your friends and family while you prepare them. Make sure to discuss this with your florist.  They will be happy to discuss all of your options.