5 ways to up your backyard BBQ game

The sun is high and there is faint smell of meat in the air, which can only mean one thing..  It’s time for some backyard living. Whether you are grilling delicious veggies or smoking meat, we love getting outside and soaking up the sun with friends.  Here are some fun tips to make this backyard season unforgettable.

  1. Adorn your tables with small flower arrangements: Just because you are wearing cutoffs doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful welcoming environment for your guests.They will look great on your picnic tables and will add a pop of color, especially if you don’t have garden.  Don’t know how to arrange flowers to make them look like a pro did them? Grab a friend and sign up for a workshop at your local florist. They usually serve refreshments and you get to go home with your flower arrangement and whole new skill set.

  2. Add edible flowers to your cocktails:  You can add these on top as a garnish or in your ice cubes to add a fun flirty touch to your guests drinks.  All it takes is a little prep time before and we have already created a list of edible flowers below. Make sure your flowers are organic and that you rinse them first.  You can usually see a label on the packaging indicating where they are from and whether they are organic or not.  You can always ask your local florist if you are picking up some stems.

  3. Have a flower crown bar: Flower crowns are not only fun to wear in the summer, but a blast to make with friends.  Pick up some fresh stems, floral tape and wire and go to town.

  4. Bring your indoor plants outside:  Your indoor plants could use a little sunshine and the extra greenery will make your backyard super lush looking.  Not to mention your indoor accent decor will add your own personal style flair to the festivities.

  5. Add a picture backdrop:  Let’s face it, social media is king and we are merely it’s servants.  Everyone’s phones will be out snapping picture. You might as well give them a gorgeous backdrop to fill your feed with.

Some Edible Flower Options: dandelions, milkweed, clover, lilac, lavender, marigold, snapdragon, elderflower