Communicating with Blooms

We use all different means of communicating with one another.  Some more common than others and in our modern world technology has made it even easier to communicate with brevity.  However, even with all the means that we now have there are times when common words may fail us.  How do you communicate an emotion without a poet's prowess?  How do you send a hug from across the world?

Flowers have long been a staple for gift giving.  And while there are several stories of where the act of giving flowers originated from: Egyptians, Romans or ancient Greeks, the gesture still holds strong today.  So strong that the industry is bigger and more efficient than ever before.   

What we saw as a problem with sending flowers, is it had become more of a factory system than a gift.  Somewhere along the way the message got lost.  Services offer mass produced arrangements at a low low price.  But, that offering does not do your friend or mother or daughter justice.  The arrangement and message are just as important as the occasion.  Whether celebrating or grieving the arrangement should be as unique as that moment.  Each flower has a meaning and each placement has a purpose.  You can have an entire conversation without words by simply sending flowers.

Reverie specializes in bespoke garden style design.  Each arrangement is custom made and each bloom is carefully chosen and tailored to create a lush naturally shaped floral display.  From the carefully chosen vase to the unique color inspirations we use blooms to tell a story.  What is your story?