Self Love

Promote Self Love. For decades we have been lead to believe that our significant other should be responsible for buying us flowers.  Marketers use holidays or a lovers guilty conscience to push flower sales.  But, what about just buying them for yourself?  There is plenty of research out there that proves that plants and flowers improve our health.  So, why are we waiting around when we could buy them for ourselves and promote self love?

You work hard and you deserve it. Whether it's your job, family or friends there are a million things a day pulling you in different directions. Taking the time or money to spend on yourself is alright.  Flower can be a great way to treat yourself and prevent burnout from life's stresses.  

Bring Nature Inside. Fresh cut flowers not only add color and warmth to your space, but they bring a little bit of nature inside.  Especially living in the city we may find ourselves with too much screen time and not enough fresh air.  Flowers give us a break from city living and bring mother nature's beauty to us. Plus, they just smell so good.

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